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Web Hosting Listing - 1&1 IONOS

Company Overview

1and1 IONOS provides a variety of hosting products including high-end servers and email solution in ten different countries. Moreover, the company offers an available resource to maintain and create an optimal web presence. Today, 1and1 has become country’s top five web hosts provider and managing more than 19 million domain names without compromising the quality. Their hosting solutions are reliable for high-end products and private users for small and medium-sized businesses. They deliver high-quality service to their customers. Their data centers reside in Europe and the USA. The customer can create and edit website require without additional software or knowledge. Their hosting features include instant setup, DDoS protection, 300 GB connectivity, solid security, Plesk and much more.

1& web hosting company was founded in 1988. It is owned by United Internet a German company. It is one of the world`s largest web hosting companies. Its data centers are situated in Europe and in Lenexa, Kansas. It helps you to create your perfect website. It has Quick and Easy Search engine, fully customizable templates for hundreds of industries, e-mail addresses & free domain with included.

Service Provided

1& is a web hosting company that gives you a server. In this company you can choose to own a server or lease a server. You can utilize the server to store data from your website. These servers provide strong protection to your data. The service provider is very god in connecting the website address and the data to the other hosting companies. This method is referred to as collocation. In this method the users can locate any website by utilizing any search engine. This increases the visibility of your website by leaps and bounds.

Reliability and Uptime Report

For using web hosting services you do not need to be an expert! It helps you in creating and maintaining your website in a simpler way. For this purpose you do not need any web design, any additional software or coding experience. You only need to choose a design then add your text and images through 1and1 web-based drag-and-drop tool.

1and1 has achieved 99.98% uptime last week. With 65 existing domains were deleted, 4942 domains were transferred away, 1797 new domains were registered with 1and1 and 110 domains were transferred to 1and1 from other web hosts. As per social media content and conversations, 1and1 has 63.41% positive user response.

Plan and Pricing

1and1 has starter package as well as business package. It has Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers and New: Cloud Servers. 1&1 Hosting is an affordable web hosting. It offers various plans from which you can choose any of them as per your requirement. They also provide 12 month introductory offer which is very cheap and after a year they increase the price, but even then also it is more affordable.

Features and Control Panel

1&1 offers over 140 apps and all these apps are the best open source applications and popular apps. It also provides click & build applications. It offers 40 plus popular open source applications from a huge categories. It provides easy installation with just a few clicks and many useful extensions. After a few clicks of the mouse in your 1&1 Control Panel gets install on your web space. You can choose from two types of installation, they are – Safe Mode and Free Mode. You can free download All 1&1 Click & Build applications with Linux operating systems.


Since the company solves technical issues fast; you face less problems in operating your website and so you will not be stresses out. Now this service provider makes sure that all your data is safe and well managed. The cost of this company may be a little expensive but it is worth every penny considering the kind of service you get. To make things easier for the customer the service provides services on a 24 hour basis. This makes the work of the clients so much easier. You get adequate space to store huge volumes of data. The servers of this company serve as data centers. The client can send data to the service provider and the data gets stored in the data center.

Customer service

The service provided to the customer by the company is quite commendable. No matter what your purpose of using the server may be. As a customer your experience with this company will much more than just pleasant. If you decide to go for a dedicated server you must know that you will not face any problem with the functioning of your website. Using an independent server for your website will help you attract a lot of customers. Now the company provides its users with a number that they can call for no charge at all. Customers can call this number to solve any problems or ask about any service provided by the company. This service provider is the perfect option for those who do not mind paying a little extra. The company has always maintained its standards when it comes to providing prompt services.

Technical Support

1&1 provides the facility of 24/7 on phone technical support that they actually answer. They receive a call in less than a minute hold time. They also offer technical support via email too.


When this company started out, it was quite small but today it has become one of the leaders in the world of web hosting. The company satisfied numerous people with its flawless services. In fact customers have left countless testimonials on the website of the company stating that they are more than just satisfied with the services provided.


The best feature of this service provider is that it makes sure that your website is managed in a systematic way. The website is looked after by a well trained staff employed by the service provider. They can help you solve any problem related to your website. The services of this company can be used very easily by people who have never had a background in web hosting and any kind of technical background. In other words this is a user friendly hosting site for sure.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If because of any reason you want to cancel your 1&1 web hosting service then not to worry. It offers 30 days money back guarantee. For cancelling its service no questions asked. Refund policy is applicable to monthly fees, setup fees and any additional products or services added to your account through the customer shop within 30 days from original date of purchase.


1&1 major plus points are - Relative Performance, Relative Options, Customer Service, Prices, 30 day free trial and many more.


1&1 major pros are - 1&1 option are difficult to find for non-tech users.


1&1 is not a bad web hosting service. However, it offers a trial of 30 days. So, there is not any problem to just try it out once and find out that it is beneficiary to you or not. It has 30 days money back guarantee too.

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